Surly has never focused on being swayed by trends or marketing. They build a few frames for different purposes and they use quality materials and workmanship. Surly makes no claims that they cannot back up. They make bicycles and they ride them. Rage is proud to be a dealer for Surly bikes. Visit them at

“SURLY…simple, steel, fun! My epic escape from full-squish complexity on lovable bikes with funky names, a Surly is just as much at home on a trail or at the cafe. My Surly’s compliant steel frame with spot-on geometry somehow always fits me better than other bikes and when it’s time to explore somewhere new, it’s as ready as I am. What is it about simple steel frames that resonates so deeply with true bicycle enthusiasts? With all the advanced carbon, aluminum and titanium frames choices, a basic ,understated, well-built steel frame still rocks on! Like an old pair of Levis that fit just right…Surly delivers quality that rides just right…

– Chris Beaman

“I decided I needed a cargo bike. I bought a Surly Big Dummy because Nate said I should. I bought the green one because Nate said I shouldn’t. I’ll never let go of my bike, or Rage, because they’re both awesome.

– Lance