We’ve been working with Kevin Noble, Kona’s head dude, for nearly 20 years. It’s nice to have the continuity that a company like Kona offers. One of the originals, their reputation for durability and function is second to none. We’re proud to carry their products. Konaworld.com

“Mountain biking is my 2 hour mini vacation that can take place any day of the week. It is my break from life’s constant challenges, setbacks and frustrations. From the moment my wheels touch dirt to the time they are placed back in the bed of the truck, the challenges of the trail, terrain and ever changing amount of traction are the only thing that occupies my mind. By the end of the ride, those challenges, seem small and easily achievable while smiles fill the faces of each and every rider present. Riding has been a part of my life since I was 8 years old and am excited for all of the journeys that are still to come while on two wheels.”

JM – Kona Single Speed