If you’ve being paying attention, the terms North Shore and freeride are synonymous with Rocky Mountain bikes. Their products were developed and refined on the most radical trails that had ever been ridden. That tradition continues today. Rage Cycles is proud to be a Rocky Mountain dealer. You can see their selection at Yes, that’s really their web address.

“I recently saw the documentary “ Moment” , a really well done history of free ride mountain biking and realized virtually every bike being ridden was a Rocky Mountain. I’ve been riding their bikes off and on for about 20 years . I love the history of Rocky . They’re a smaller company that really seem to build bikes that are not for everyone . My first Rocky that I raced in the original Cactus Cup was a Thunderbolt that was hand filet brazed by Derek Bailey and that bike performed so well, I’ve been a Rocky fan ever since. I’m now riding a Pipeline ( my race days are over! ) and it’s far and away the most fun I’ve had on a bike!”

PP- Rocky Mountain Pipeline