One of the original northern California builders, Ross Shafer started Salsa in 1991 and helped define the earliest era of mountain bike design. He coined one of our favorite quotes, ” If it ain’t moto, it’s worthless. ” Salsa is still leading the way with an incredible variety of bikes. Rage is proud to offer a full range of their products. Visit them at

“I purchased, my first Salsa post ACL surgery. As a freeride mountain biker, I never thought of Salsa for me. But now as I am in rehab, I thought the next 6 months would be the longest without my bikes. But Salsa turned my attitude from no ride to I can ride! Smooth, understated, ready to help you along in life’s challenges.”

Adam Gavin – Salsa Journeyman

“I have ridden Salsa bikes for over 10 years and usually leaned towards their full suspension bikes. When the Timberjack came out I was hesitant to even try an aluminum hardtail, but I am so glad I did. It’s an affordable way to rediscover how a light modern hardtail can cause your other bikes to sit in the garage.”

Tyler Anderson – Salsa Timberjack