It’s always difficult to say that something is the best, particularly in the bike industry. Electra bikes offer the best variety, have the best workmanship and the coolest styles…period. Rage has been happily carrying Electra bicycles for nearly 20 years. You can see their complete line at electrabike.com

“We bought our son a 16” Electra Cyclosaurus (he loves T-Rexes). And honestly, we can’t get him to stop riding it. Which, for us, beats video games any day of the week.”

PM – Electra

I’m 68 years old, after a couple knee replacements, neck surgery, etc, I never thought I would be able to ride again. I got a chance to test an Electra Townie and what do you know, I can ride again! I find myself riding it everywhere, including the yacht club! Who am I kidding, there’s no yacht club in Arizona, and if there was, I would just have my chauffeur drive me.

Arlene – Electra Townie, Polar Blue