Tyler Anderson


Tyler is a QBP sales representative based in the Tucson, Arizona, area and covers Arizona, New Mexico and Western Texas. Tyler has been with QBP for 10 years and was previously the company's Colorado sales representative. "Not only does this give me the opportunity to grow awareness of QBP brands in the Southwest, it gives my kids the chance to ride their bikes down the street to visit their grandparents. This is an ideal position," Tyler said. When not spending time with his adorable family of four...you might find him on a trail, on the road for for work, or dropping by Rage Cycles with beer donations and cool new bicycles for us to ogle! 

1. How many bikes do you own/ride, what are they, and do you have a favorite?

As a bike industry rep, I move through bikes annually, but on average I have about 6 or 7 at a time.  Currently I have a carbon Salsa Horsethief, singlespeed Surly Karate Monkey, an All-City Natureboy, carbon Salsa Beargrease, titanium Salsa Vaya, Foundry Firetower, and a late 1970s Schwinn klunker.  As for a favorite, I've ridden a Salsa Horsethief since the prototype days of that bike and it’s my go-to trail bike.  My Karate Monkey has taken many forms over the years and I’ll never sell it.

2. How did you land in the Valley of the Sun? 

I didn’t!  I moved to Tucson this year after transferring to the Southwest territory for Quality Bicycle Products.  My wife and I moved to Arizona from Colorado to enjoy the benefits of family close by (free babysitting and retired handyman!).  I spend a lot of time around Phoenix as well as all of Arizona and New Mexico.

3. What are you listening to these days? And how...iPod? Streaming? Vinyl? 8-track?

I drive way more than I care to admit, so I am usually listening to NPR, Sirius XM, Podcasts like Ranger Minutes , This American Life, or myself babbling across the desert, but lately my go-to has been the Neil Young Pandora station, of course without the F#$%& Eagles [it's safe to say, Tyler is not a fan of Hotel California].

4. Guilty pleasure?

Having two really young children, my wife and I cannot wait to binge on Netflix, ice cream, and wine at the end of the day – whatever takes the pain away…

5. Beer or wine?

Mexican lagers got me through my first AZ summer.

6. Favorite trail ride and/or vacation spot?

We don’t have a favorite trail or vacation spot, but we do have a favorite setup.  Most of our vacations lean heavily toward mountain bikes and camping so in the past we would tent/car camp across the west.  A few years ago, we started taking a little travel trailer along for ride vacations.  There’s nothing better than finishing a ride, grabbing a shower, then making frozen drinks in the blender, all while being trailside… Anyone need to buy a tent or two?

7. Person you would most like to meet and spend time with, past or present?

The person I would most like to meet and talk with would be the 14thDalai Lama – I am sure it would be humbling and life changing.  I also think hanging out with Jeff Bridges in character as The Dude [character from The Big Lebowski cult classic film] would be extremely entertaining.

8. Favorite watering hole or restaurant? 

Still learning my way around the fine establishments AZ has to offer, but when dodging rush hour traffic I often find myself at Boulder’s on Broadway Tap and Bottle in Tucson is my local hangout... And of course Free Beer Fridays at Rage!

Jeff Bridges in the The Big Lebowski

9. Favorite film, or most recent film you liked? 

The Big Lebowski as you have probably gathered, man.

10. Old school, or new school? 

Stuck somewhere in-between the two, maybe?  For instance, I'm building up a ti ‘road’ bike with electronic, wireless shifting…